Guitar Teacher of the year

We owe so much to our guitar teachers and their students, the Guitar Teacher of the Year award recognises their incredible contributions. Nominating your teacher for Guitar Teacher of the Year is a great way to show how much you appreciate them, and it's free! 

How to enter Guitar teacher of the year

You can enter by submitting a written nomination or by submitting a 2 minute (maximum) video to youtube telling us why your teacher deserves recognition. Just select 'Guitar Teacher of the Year**' and submit your nomination and let us know how to contact your teacher! 


Your submission should: 

  • Come from the heart! We don't want to hear all of your teacher's qualifications as much as we want to hear how they have helped you personally. 
  • Name your teacher! It's all good to hear about how fantastic your teacher is, but make sure to tell us who they are! Mention their name (and music school if applicable) in the video. 
  • Sound and look good! Make your guitar teacher proud by submitting a high quality nomination


WHAT DOes the winner get?

Along with international recognition, prizes and the GuitarWorld stamp of approval; the Guitar Teacher of the Year will be featured online on and brought on as a freelance contributor for Guitar World for 2021! Sharing stories, tips and tricks for learning and teaching guitar with millions of readers.